S.B. Stewart-Laing

Me, about to give a biology presentation
I'm a 21-year-old student, hard at work on my thesis on pollinator choice in hummingbirds on the island of Dominica. But I also love to write fiction. I started writing as a child, and wrote my first novel in high school, but sadly stopped for several years. Now I've come back to my novel with fresh eyes and fresh hopes.
When I'm not writing or avoiding my thesis, I enjoy long distance runs, painting, cooking, and playing traditional Cape Breton and Scottish fiddle music.
My native language is Scots, but I write in English, and also speak Gaelic, Japanese, and a tiny amount of Spanish. My heritage is Scottish Celtic and Carib, so I usually play cultural mix and match.
During my time as a high school and college student, I've worked as a zookeeper, Japanese translator, special needs teaching assistant, janitor, and biology research assistant.

You can contact me via email at s.b.stewartlaing@gmail.com.